Leadership Team

Leadership of the Congregation is vested in the Congregation Leader and four Councillors who are elected by the sisters every six years at our General Congregation Chapter. The last General Chapter was held in October, 2016.

The present leadership team will serve from December 2016 until December 2022.

Members of the Current Congregation Leadership Team are:           

  • Sr Mary-Louise Petro (Congregation Leader)            
  • Sr Maria Lawton (Congregation Vicar)
  • Sr Patricia Bolster
  • Sr Margaret Jones
  • Sr Margaret Sheppard 

Contact Details:

Sisters of Mercy Parramatta
Office Address: 6 Victoria Rd, Parramatta, NSW, 2150
Postal Address: PO Box 2012, North Parramatta, NSW, 1750

Ph: 02 9683 2555
Fax: 02 9683 6550

Email: enquiries@parrasom.org.au
For Confidential matters please use: congregationleader@parrasom.org.au 

Request for Approval to Use a Registered Mercy Trademark 

The silver and black Mercy Cross (Trademark No 1053490) is the defining emblem of the Sisters of Mercy. 
Likewise, the words Sisters of Mercy (Trademark No 1579177) and Catherine McAuley (Trademark No 1579178) are of special significance to each sister. 
Therefore, for use of any of these Mercy Marks, permission must be obtained from the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta. 
 A request for approval should be addressed in writing to: 

Trademark Request 
Sisters of Mercy Parramatta 
PO Box 2012

or via email: enquiries@parrasom.org.au