As Sisters of Mercy, heeding the call of Jesus to bring good news to the poor, we seek to influence the formation of public policy in order to create conditions for all people to have fullness of life here and now.

This means understanding that millions of people in our world who suffer extreme poverty and disadvantage do so not because there is something lacking in them but rather because of the policies and practices, made by those in power, that cause and or keep them in poverty. It takes us into the areas of economics, politics and social norms to see how structures and systems work in society either for the good of all or just for some.

Build up, prepare the way, remove stumbling blocks from my people’s path…I will revive the Spirits of the dejected, I will revive the hearts of the crushed… Isaiah 57

The Sisters who are engaged in this ministry do such things as: raise awareness of this reality by explanation and social analysis; publish information about the issues; advocate and lobby politicians and corporations on behalf of those who have little or no voice; attend rallies and protests; join networks with like-minded people and groups; letter-writing giving voice to our concerns on the issues we have identified as our focus; using social media and the internet to make the disadvantage visible.