Lifequest invites groups of people who are interested in spirituality to engage in exploration discussion and reflection on the mission of Jesus, social justice, cosmology, ecology and how these concepts connect with contemporary interpretations of scripture and theology.

Programs offered include:

  • Reflection days
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Social analysis, theological reflection
  • Staff in-service days

Lifequest Symbol

The motto of Lifequest is – A journey into freedom and compassion.

As a Sister of Mercy I believe compassion is central to the living of the gospel. Wherever there is suffering and oppression whether in people’s personal lives, in groups that are discriminated against or lacking the essentials of life, or in our damaged and threatened earth, I feel called to raise the issues to understand them and to try to find ways to change the situations

For further information contact:

Margaret Hinchey rsm
P.O.Box 2012
North Parramatta
NSW 1750
Phone: 02 9890 7903

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