The Big Issue Women's Subscription Enterprise

We’re supporting homeless and disadvantaged women.

We are helping not-for-profit social enterprise, The Big Issue, support disadvantaged women by subscribing to The Big Issue magazine. 

The Big Issue operates the Women’s Subscription Enterprise, an employment alternative for disadvantaged women.

The initiative employs women to hand-pack subscription copies of The Big Issue magazine in a secure, supportive environment, giving them an income and helping them gain new skills and career pathways for the future.

More than 46,000 women are homeless in Australia every night, many with children in their care.

  • The Women’s Subscription Enterprise provides employment to homeless and disadvantaged women through the sale of subscriptions to The Big Issue magazine.
  • The Women’s Subscription Enterprise was launched in 2010 and has employed more than 140 women in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.
  • The Big Issue magazine is a fortnightly, independent, general interest magazine sold on the streets by homeless and disadvantaged people. Sellers buy copies of the magazine for $3.50 and sell them for $7, keeping the difference.
  • Since The Big Issue was launched in Australia in 1996, more than 10 million magazines have been sold, and more than 6500 people have sold the magazine, putting over $24 million into vendors’ pockets.
  • Around 500 people sell The Big Issue on street corners around the country. 

We have joined this fantastic initiative by taking out 59 subscriptions to The Big Issue magazine, as Birthday gifts for our sisters.

Some of you may already be familiar with the fortnightly magazine, which is sold on the streets around Australia. 

If you would like to find out more about The Big Issue, you can visit 

We hope you enjoy the magazine!