Catherine McAuley did not set out to found a religious order, rather, she recognised great need within her own environment and sought to respond to this using the material resources available to her, and inviting others to join her in her endeavours.

To ensure this response to need continued, she chose to adapt her approach, in order to work within the limitations imposed by the circumstances of her time, recognising that a greater good was at work within her.

“If the Order is my work, the sooner it falls to the ground the better. If it is God’s work, it needs no one ... Let us never think any one individual necessary for carrying on God’s work” Catherine McAuley

In the same spirit today, the Sisters of Mercy recognise that despite the increasing age of sisters and the decline in our numbers, our passion for God’s Mission of Mercy for the world will continue to flourish through partnerships with others.

Through these partnerships, we seek to emulate Catherine’s example, in adapting our approach, using the resources available to us and joining with others to ensure the response to need continues.

Current partnerships include: The Mercy Tree, Mercy Works, The House of Welcome, Australian Catholic Religious Against the Trafficking of Humans (ACRATH) and the Meals Plus programme of Parramatta Mission.

Emerging partnership include the Mercy Futures project.