Mercy Tree

The Mercy Tree

The Mercy Tree is an initiative of OLMC Parramatta, and an important partnership with the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta. The Tree, which holds a central place within the College campus, reflects the centrality and growth of the College community’s commitment to Mercy Values and its desire to extend Mercy to address the needs of the wider community.

The Mercy Tree aims to raise funds to support charitable causes nominated by OLMC students and determined by the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta. Since it was planted and blessed in early 2012, the Tree has been embraced by the OLMC community and related fundraising has:

  • helped support refugees to participate in social enterprise, learn new skills and realise their potential
  • provided materials for activity days for people with disabilities
  • funded a camp and accommodation support for women and children at risk
  • supported a program which aims to foster confidence in young Aboriginal mothers in order to break the cycle of disadvantage

You are invited to become a custodian of the Mercy Tree by making a donation through the OLMC Parramatta website.