House of Welcome

Since late 2011, the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta have worked in partnership with the House of Welcome in the provision of transitional housing and material aid.

The Sisters of Mercy Parramatta feel privileged to participate in this vital ministry in providing a welcoming, compassionate face to those fleeing persecution in their homelands and seeking safety and protection within Australia.

We wish to respond mercifully to our suffering earth and its most marginalised peoples, particularly Aboriginal and Torres-Strait Islander peoples, asylum seekers and refugees.
Sisters of Mercy Parramatta 2010 Chapter Statement

Through this partnership, the hopes of the Sisters of Mercy Parramatta, as articulated in our Chapter Statement, find concrete expression in the vision and mission of the House of Welcome:

 “ for a society in which there is full recognition of the dignity, equality, human rights and humanity of all people living in the community no matter their age, gender, sexuality, nationality or religious affiliation, and no matter how they came to be in Australia.
We seek to welcome, shelter, and empower asylum seekers and refugees. We aspire to provide client-centred holistic supports that nurture hope, advocate for justice and promote self-reliance, while acknowledging the dignity and championing rights of each individual.

HoW provides transitional housing, financial and emergency assistance, advocacy and casework support, community activities, material aid and skills development courses to community-based asylum seekers at risk of homelessness and destitution.

We campaign with our asylum seeker organisations across Australia for the right to work for all asylum seekers, for an end to mandatory detention and for a nation of welcome and justice for all”.

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