Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday, 7 July 2024

Theme: "Keep the Fire Burning - Strong in Faith"

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Pentecost painting by Magda Lee, Gracie Mosquito and Imelda Gugamen (Balgo Community)

On Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday, 7 July, we gather as one community to honour and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and contributions of our First Nations Peoples to our Australian Catholic Church.

The recent Voice referendum highlighted the ongoing journey toward recognition and reconciliation. While the outcome was not what many hoped for, it has strengthened NATSICC's resolve and commitment to working together for a better Australia for everyone.

As Pope Francis reminds us, we are called to be a Church that goes forth, embracing all cultures and peoples.

Let us open our hearts to the wisdom and spirituality of our First Nations Peoples, recognizing the presence of Christ in our stories and traditions. May this celebration be a moment of grace, healing, and transformation for all of us.

There are a number of multimedia resources available for use on this day including a virtual welcome (video below) and didgeridoo tracks

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