Bees, Butterflies and Bugs for Balconies, Back Verandas and Window Sills

Encouraging care and assistance for pollinators

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Look who’s visiting Leonie’s B&B

The Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta Earthkin group are encouraging care and assistance for pollinators. In so doing we want to promote actions to assist those insects that help maintain the beauty and food production that we depend upon for relaxation and nourishment.

 Entitled BeesButterflies and Bugs for Balconies, Back Verandas and Window Sills, this activity involves growing pollinator friendly plants in pots or other containers and having them in the places mentioned.

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This initiative supports the B & B Highway (Bed, Breakfast and Biodiversity of birds, Bees and Butterflies) founded by Dr Judy Friedlander and implemented by Nicole Lewis and Francisco Garcia Bulle Bueno

 Check out the Planting Seeds website for more information about the B&B Highway.

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