Mystery and Meaning

In this session, John will discuss the Mystery at the heart of the ongoing universe story and share his understanding of its meaning and significance.

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Image: Nicolle R. Fuller, NSF (National Science Foundation). Used with permission

John Haught will be the presenter for our next “Earthkin” gathering, Saturday April 22.

He will be speaking on Mystery and Meaning in the Universe and our own lives.

The word “mystery’ and its cousin “mystic” both trace back to Latin and Greek words (Mysterium and mysteria).  The word was first used to refer to divine revelations and mystical truths. 

It has been extended to refer to any of the imponderables we encounter, and there are many.

All through the ages, we humans have asked, “What is this all  about? What does it mean?” “Does it have a meaning?" 

Mystics, seers, sages, scientists, philosophers, theologians, story tellers, educators, parents and carers have searched their hearts and experiences for answers to respond. 

John is one such person. 

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