Safeguarding Sunday, September 10, 2023

The second Sunday in September is Safeguarding Sunday

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"We will open our hearts to... and those affected by injustice within the Church." (Chapter Statement)

The Catholic Church in Australia marks Safeguarding Sunday (formerly Child Protection Sunday) on the second Sunday of September, at the conclusion of  National Child Protection Week. Safeguarding Sunday seeks to acknowledge the immense damage caused by the sexual abuse of children and adults at risk, including by priests, religious and lay people within Catholic contexts. It makes a commitment to practices and protocols that create and maintain safe environments for all people. It invites people to pray for those harmed by abuse directly and indirectly.

Resources, including for liturgical celebrations, are created to support local recognition.
Click here to acess resources for Safeguarding Sunday 2023.

The Sisters of Mercy Parramatta recently participated in an audit conducted by Australian Catholic Safeguarding Ltd and were pleased to be deemed 100% compliant with the National Catholic Safeguarding Standards.

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