Social Justice Statement 2022-23, Respect: Confronting Violence and Abuse Released

Becoming a community that fosters justice and respect for all

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"We will open our hearts to the cries of the poor using our energies, gifts and resources to address violence and discrimination especially for women and children..." (Chapter Statement)

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference issues yearly Statements on important matters of social justice. 

Respect: Confronting violence and abuse, the 2022-2023 Social Justice Statement points out that the roots of domestic and family violence“ lie in the abuse of power to control and dominate others” and that “this stands in contrast to the relationships to which God calls us”. 

Our relationships should be “marked by equality and reciprocity rather than domination and violence, respect and freedom rather than coercion and control”.

We know that most often those who suffer violence and abuse in homes and families, in workplaces, and in communities, are women and children while the perpetrators are most often men. We support women in calling for respect in relationships; their lives and those of their children are sacred.

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