The Season of Lent has commenced

Lent is a season of conversion, a time of freedom

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"We will share with others, including people of different faiths and no religious faith, the joys and struggles of this spiritual journey." (Chapter Statement)

In his message for Lent 2024 (14 February - 28 March), Pope Francis, referencing the world's inequalities and conflicts, encourages us to undertake an interior examination by asking:
Do we hear that cry? Does it trouble us? Does it move us?”  

He adds “In the presence of God, we become brothers and sisters, more sensitive to one another: in place of threats and enemies, we discover companions and fellow travelers,”

Pope Francis closes his message with an invitation that challenges: “I invite every Christian community to do just this: to offer its members moments set aside to rethink their lifestyles, times to examine their presence in society, and the contribution they make to its betterment.”

  • Read the complete text of the Pope's message here

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