What the Church could look like in the Future

In February, Catholics in the Diocese of Parramatta heard what the Church could look like in the future from the most senior woman in the Vatican, Sr Nathalie Becquart XMCJ.

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Sr Nathalie Becquart XMCJ. Source: Catholic Outlook Parramatta

"We will share with others, including people of different faiths and no religious faith, the joys and struggles of this spiritual journey." (Chapter Statement)

"Visiting the Diocese, Sr Nathalie, a French Xavières sister, described a Church where everyone was heard, everyone played a part, and as a result, everyone participated in our Church’s Mission.

Sr Nathalie is the only woman in the Vatican to have a vote at the upcoming Synod on Synodality. Pope Francis appointed her as Undersecretary of the Synod in 2021. In forums and lectures in the Diocese of Parramatta and other dioceses in Australia, she explained what all Catholics need to do in order for our Church to become ‘synodal’...

What would a synodal Church be like?

“It is a new style of Church, in which everybody is called to be a protagonist. It is a Church that calls for the participation of everybody in the Mission,” Sr Nathalie said..."

Source: Catholic Outlook

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