World Health Day 2024

"My health, my right" is the theme of this year's World Health Day

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"As Mercy women religious, we will continue to develop healthy ways of living and working together as a community of equals, participating graciously in the evolution of religious life and contemporary expressions of mercy." (Chapter Statement)

Sisters of Mercy Parramatta Congregation minister in the fields of physiotherapy and nursing, counselling, ethics, chaplaincy and pastoral care in both hospitals and hospices, as well as community based services and practice. More about our work in the ministry of healthcare can be read here.

Celebrated annually on 7 April, World Health Day each year focusses on a health topic of global concern. This year's focus "my health, my right" was chosen to champion the right of everyone, everywhere to have access to quality health services, education, and information, as well as safe drinking water, clean air, good nutrition, quality housing, decent working and environmental conditions, and freedom from discrimination.


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